If you build funnels for customers-stop using marketing funnel software

You don’t need expensive monthly software

In this blog post I’m going to tell you exactly why you do not need expensive marketing funnel platforms such as ClickFunnels, Marketo, Infusionsoft, Leadpages, Unbounce or Drip, to build marketing funnels for customers. In fact, if you are using those platforms, then you should STOP.

You can do everything you need to build high converting, great looking and revenue generating marketing automation funnels with a handful of plug-ins (even just 1).

Before we start – this is absolutely not bashing monthly subscription platforms and software. They have their place in the marketplace. However, these platforms are the last solution you should be using if you build marketing funnels for customers. If you build funnels for customers, you must use your own technology stack or platform in order to scale.

Impossible to scale

The problem with monthly marketing funnel subscriptions and platforms is that they charge per account or per funnel. If you own the product, for example if you owned a T-shirt company or you built online courses yourself, I can absolutely see the point in investing in one of these platforms to sell your products.

They don’t require a huge amount of education and there’s a lot of tools and templates; but they are un-scalable if you are doing it repeatedly for customers.

If you are building marketing funnels for customers you need a more scalable option.

Clickfunnels for example is $97 minimum per month for one account. But frankly if you want to really build funnels for customers, you need to use their $297 per month package.

If you’re building funnels for 10 different customers, that’s $2970 per month. Can you see how this already becomes un-scalable when you’re building funnels for other customers?

Sure…if you own the product

There’s a huge misconception that marketing funnels are somehow different from websites. I’ve even been misquoted on the Clickfunnels website as saying “websites are dead”.

Hell, Clickfunnels even hosts Funnel Scripts and their online courses on WordPress. The website isn’t dead. The way in which people convert, visit and use websites is absolutely changing. But to say they are dead is a gross oversimplification.

Many marketing funnel platforms such as Unbounce and LeadPages make out that they are the only platform which can increase conversions, increase your email list and drive sales on automation.

If you are a complete newbie to websites and you own your own product, I can understand using one of these platforms. But the reality is they don’t offer anything to marketing funnel businesses that helps them scale and serve more customers.

You have to buy your own list back

Many marketing funnel platforms are going to go through some radical changes in the next 2 to 5 years. Data protection laws, advertising cuts, increased customer budgets, are some of the examples as to why it’s becoming more and more important to own the technology and platform that you are building marketing funnels on.

Any day now a marketing funnel platform, such as the ones mentioned above, will probably change their data policy to where they own your data and you’ll have to rent it back from them. They are already benefiting from you driving traffic to their website by building targeted pixel audiences based on your customers niche.

If you continue driving traffic to your marketing platform providers software, they are benefiting as much as you are. This might sound like conspiracy level nonsense but it’s already happened with Facebook, Marketo and Udemy making changes to their pricing, data and advertising policies.

Marketing funnel businesses that don’t use their own platforms and build on their own turf will eventually become subject to the whims of outside organisations.

$2970 per month!?

To top it all off the pricing model of many of these marketing funnel businesses is unsustainable in the real world of building funnels for customers.

It might sound convenient that we have this argument at Beaver Funnels, but the reality is that this is one of the reasons we created Beaver funnels.

In 2017 I built close to 50 funnels for customers. If I was to use a marketing funnel platform that charges me per month per funnel, with a limited and restricted installation policy, that could have cost me between $5000 and $15000 a MONTH!

This is one of the reasons I built all of my content, funnels and pages inside WordPress. It meant that I had full control over my pages, automation, data and funnels.

One of the biggest things I hated about using other platforms, was having to change the page builder I worked in each time I wanted to either build a website or a funnel.

With all due respect to the landing page and funnel builder platforms out there, your page builders are pretty awful. I don’t think they are coded particularly well, they don’t load brilliantly fast, they are clunky to put together and they don’t integrate with all the tools that I want.

Also, I have to take someone to a subdomain in order to help them use a landing page or sales page! Why couldn’t I just build everything in the page builder that I love to use (Beaver Builder) and keep it all on one website?

I developed a technology stack and standardised set of plug-ins and page templates to be able to build funnels quickly and efficiently. This not only cut back on set up costs for the customer but also reduced my time and allowed me to start hiring staff.

The big change came when my developer saw my bestselling course on building marketing funnels with Beaver Builder.

“You know Mike, we can probably automate this in a plug-in.”

I asked Mitch what he meant by this and within a couple of days he had a rough working prototype of a marketing funnel software. This was the birth of Beaver Funnels.

Now, the most common funnel types that I used are saved templates with pages already built inside Beaver Funnels.

All of the content and copy that I write for customers can be done via a series of questions in our content engine.

I could visually see where each page was in the funnel and what pages were used in each of our funnels. WordPress is a great content creator, but a lousy method of organising and storing page content. It’s like looking in a database.

Why should you have to change the page builder that you’re comfortable in, that you have built your processes around and that you have your templates in, just because your marketing funnel platform insists on you using theirs?

You should use the page builder, processes and software that you are comfortable with when building out funnels for your customers. All Beaver Funnels does is make that process faster and easier.

If you’re serious about scaling your marketing funnel offering to customers, you must use a platform that only charges you once per year. Fortunately, Beaver Funnels can work out 120 times cheaper than many marketing funnel platforms at a minimum.

For just $497 a year you get unlimited funnels on unlimited websites. Manage each licence and website and update accordingly with new funnels, page templates content, analytics and more coming soon.

Sign up today to claim your agency copy of Beaver funnels.