Want to get paid faster? Here's how to get content from customers.

Content. It’s like a roadblock that stops even the best customers in their tracks. In this blog post, I want to share how you can get paid faster for your work, by getting your content from customers.

When you’ve built a killer funnel, you need to populate it with killer content. Even the most beautiful page won’t convert for jack if there is still lorem ipsum on the page.

The problem is that even the world’s best coach, car dealer, interior designer or shoe maker isn’t necessarily a brilliant copywriter. And that’s OK! They don’t need to be a copywriter. They need to work their business and talk to their customers.

However, we do still need content and copy and without it, we can’t publish a funnel. If we can’t publish a funnel we can’t get paid.

How often have you waited to send that final invoice, because you’re waiting for content? How long have you waited to get started on a project, because you’re waiting on the content?

Should you write the content?

Well, the short answer is yes IF you’re charging. We know a few funnel builders who will write the content for the customer just to get the project finished. If you’re a copywriter and you’re charging, there’s nothing wrong with writing the content for the customer.

The only proviso, is that you should never do it for free. Copywriting and content is very different from design and development. A 500 word sales letter could convert at 20% and generate thousands of dollars in sales.

But customers sometimes confuse cost with length. They’d rather have 5000 words for the same price. So make sure that if you do copywriting for customers, that you have a clear process and defined deliverable for the customer.


We use templates for almost everything. Emails, about pages, sales pages. We have templates for everything. We set up content workshops with our customers and have them work through the templates with us.

On your next funnel project, set up a content workshop (charged of course) and bring your templates with you. Use them as prompts to ask questions from your customers. Fill in the blanks with them and work through the content.

Templates require a process of enter the content > write the content > edit the content.

One of the big roadblocks that customers face is editing as the write. It’s a bad habit that frankly, most writers don’t follow. Writing the content is about getting the copy down on paper, THEN going back and editing the content later.

Take templates for your pages and create a “fill in the blank” approach. You could even send the templates to the customer and get them to fill them out.


Stepping back from the template, is the questionnaire. For customers too far away, or for longer term projects, we’ll send them a questionnaire asking all the prompts we need to fill out our templates. They send back the results, and we input the answers into our templates.

Questionnaires are great, because they let customers focus on one question at a time. Even simple templates like a squeeze page or thank you page can be overwhelming.

Asking a customer one question at a time, such as “what do you call your customers?” and making sure they stick to 3-4 word answers (or longer depending on the answer needed) let’s customers get what they need out.

Gather Content

There are platforms like Gather Content that help businesses collaborate with funnel builders to get content from customers. As a tool, it manages the content writing and collection process.

Tools like this can be extremely useful, if you have a team and content process. However tools only accelerate what you’ve got. If you struggle to get content, you have to really learn how to use the tool, in order to make the process work.


Outsourcing content is a great way to scale your business and generate some additional profit. By having a content partner or copywriter on hand, you can offer this as a service to customers before the project begins. We use speedlancer.com to find blog writers, copywriters and content creators. We’ll charge customers roughly cost x 3 in order to pay for project management, updates, editing and publishing.

Don’t start until…

One of the most powerful methods of collecting content, is to not start the project until you’ve got the content. “Content first design” is  style of design and project management that requires the written copy and content to be sent before the design.

We’ve found this to be a powerful motivator for customers. Particularly as many businesses are in the “excited” stage at the start of a project. They’ll gladly do a content workshop and send content over faster when they know they’re project won’t get fully started until you have the content.

Content Engine

Finally, we wouldn’t be doing our job unless we mentioned our Content Engine. Our Content Engine inside Beaver Funnels has the combined power of a template and questionnaire, inside the funnel builder.

In Beaver Funnels, our Content Engine asks you the questions you need for your funnels and pages. When you select a funnel type, Beaver Funnels will ask you all the questions you need, before populating the entire funnel with content.

You can read more about the Content Engine here.