Building the perfect upsell video for your sales funnel

In this blog post we’re going to explore what makes the perfect upsell video for your sales funnel.

We’ll look at what makes a good upsell video, how to keep it simple but effective with conversions and the one big mistake that lots of upsell videos make.

Create an upsell video

After a customer buys a product from your sales page and check out, it’s a fantastic time to capitalise on their new excitement and “upsell” them to another product.

Although the psychology works and we certainly see lots of customers buying upsells, the method to create an upsell from a customer can see more complicated or more hard work than it really is.

A really easy way to create upsell content, is to create an upsell video. However, many people make a complete hash of their upsell videos.

An upsell page doesn’t have to be any more complicated than a thank you message, a short headline introducing the video below, and upsell video and another by button.

So with that, let’s look at what makes a great upsell video.

 Building the perfect upsell video for your sales funnel

Treat it like training

the easiest way to create an upsell videoIs to treat your upsell video like some bonus training.

Think about the journey that the new customers going on. They’ve entered their credit card information, they’ve submitted a purchase form and entered their address. They’ve fully committed to purchasing the product and they’ll be excited to receive whatever it is they’ve bought.

Their excitement is at an all-time high, but there may still be an element of anxiety when it comes to making sure they’ll definitely get their product.

We can capitalise on the excitement by continuing the next stage of their journey. The easiest way is to present them with a training video.

By creating a short 15 to 20 minute training video we remove the feeling that we are simply trying to squeeze more cash out of our customer. Instead, we delivering them extra value and we are helping them get the results they want faster, easier or with more automation.

For example, at Sell Your Service, Mike has tons of content on email marketing and email copy. When people go through the process they can buy prewritten emails which they can copy and paste into their auto responder.

After they buy, and upsell is presented to them which teaches them how to sell email automation to their customers. Not only does it present the video as training but it also mentions a sales product for an extra $97 which helps them further with their email marketing.

Think about your upsell video like a training video. After someone has bought a product, what could you teach them to do faster, easier or with more automation? Then use your upsell product as the solution.

Offer something valuable (and make it clear what it is)

Nothing upsets us more at Beaver Funnels when we see an upsell video that doesn’t entirely explain what it is they want us to buy.

There are loads of examples of upsell videos confusing customers as to what it is they are going to bite.

A really common perpetrator of this mistake is software launches. Typically, many software launches will have you buy at a lifetime price. And then offer you a membership or education programme on the back end.

However during that upsell into the membership or education program, it’s not entirely clear what it is that you’re actually buying. Is it a course, is it weekly coaching or a webinar series?

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that their customers already know, what the upsell product is.

Your upsell video has to really explicitly and clearly explain the value of the offer and what it is they’re buying. You can’t just use the excitement of the purchase to mitigate explaining the benefits to the buyer.

Make something faster, easier or with more automation

At its core, your upsell should be teaching someone to do something faster, easier and/or with more automation.

For example, if you sell a piece of software that helps people designer house, your upsell should help them design a house faster, easier or with more automation.

This could be a training programme, one on one consultation or anything else that achieves the faster, easier, automation trifecta.

Therefore, your upsell video must explicitly and repeatedly explain the faster, easier or automation side of the upsell. It has to be clear that whatever you are selling will help them get results.

Think about the title for your training video, which is really your upsell video, as “How to get [previous result] faster/easier/with more automation”.

Do exactly the opposite of what they taught you at school

This is something that many videos and presenters fail to connect with. All throughout school with taught during presentations “don’t just read what’s on the slide”.

We all know that a fantastic presenter can take just a headline or an image and speak around that using it as a prompt. However this is a very different scenario with an upsell video.

When it comes to upsell videos you in fact DO want to treat your slides almost like subtitles. It’s perfectly acceptable to read exactly what is said on the slides almost as a script.

If you have the time, resources and space to create a face fronting sales video-fantastic. But don’t feel you have to have a studio filming you in order to create upsell videos.

Video sales letters or VSLs, are a fantastic sales tool. VSLs Are simply PowerPoint slides with a voice-over recorded over them. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that, they’re very fast to create AND they have a fantastic conversion rate for the effort that goes into them.

Besides, many people might want to watch your video with the volume turned down or even off. So therefore presenting the video to them in this format might actually be an advantage.

DON’T put it on autoplay

This is the single biggest mistake that funnel builders make using that upsell videos. Personally, I absolutely loathe when videos play automatically on an upsell page. If I want to watch the video, I’ll click play. This is why we present the video as a form of training, rather than trying to advertise directly to the viewer straight away.

Make sure you have the option to play the video and make it interesting enough that the viewer will want to play the video.

What we’ve learned

So in summary, your upsell video doesn’t need to be any more complicated than a PowerPoint slide deck with a voice-over. You want to position it as a training video that shows the user how to get the results from their previous purchase faster, easier or with more automation. We’re not going to play the video automatically, were going to make the headline compelling enough to make people click play.