Find your first $25k marketing funnel project

$25,000 marketing funnels

In this blog post I’m going to show you how to find your first $25,000 marketing funnel project. Even if you have no customers, even if you haven’t had a project that size before, even if you don’t have any current leads or email subscribers.

$25,000 might seem like a huge number, from marketing funnel project. Especially if you’ve never sold a project for that price before.

I’m also going to show you why a $25,000 project isn’t out of your reach. As well as why most funnel businesses failed to ever sell a project for that price.

Finding a $25,000 project is not impossible. In fact, when you know how to find them, you’ll wonder why you ever struggled before.

Customers would never paid that

Most funnel builders believe they can’t charge $25,000, for a marketing funnel project, because customers would never paid that. We all have customers who have complained about our “high prices” before. So why would a new customer be willing to pay 5 X, 10 X or 25 X more than our last project?

I believe the main reason funnel builders struggle to sell $25,000 projects, is because they underestimate how valuable they are.

Just because a few people before have told you that they can’t afford much, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there willing to pay for a premium service.

Break down $25K

Funnel builders provide a valuable and important service to many businesses. You are perfectly capable, even in the exact position you are now, to justify a $25,000 marketing funnel project.

I believe the easiest way to justify $25,000 project, is to break down $25K into smaller chunks.

$25,000 paid over a year/12 months is a little over $2000 per month. That doesn’t really sound a huge amount when you break it down like that.

What would you deliver to a customer who was paying you $2000 per month?

When we talk about a $25,000 project, we are often overwhelmed with all the things we’ll have to deliver. Facebook campaigns, squeeze pages, marketing automation, sales letters, email campaigns etc.

It can feel a little daunting to think about $25,000 worth of value.

Instead, when we think about delivering $2000 worth of value the 12 months, it becomes easier to imagine everything we could deliver.

So with that let’s look at how we can find $25,000 project, for your marketing funnel business.

Do people know WHO you work with?

Without question, the number one place that people fail with their marketing funnel business, is not being crystal clear on WHO they work with.

The core of this entire strategy, is to generate as many referrals as possible through your network. The reason that your family, friends and even previous customers don’t recommend you, is because they don’t know WHO you work with.

Even if your family and friends completely understand WHAT you do exactly (and let’s be honest, most of them don’t), they are more likely to refer you when they know who you work with.

Businesses that are clear on who they serve, fair better than those who try to serve everyone.

Referrals aren’t made when people know what you do, referrals are made when people know who you work with.

You need to become crystal clear on the types of business that you serve, in order for someone to say “oh, you’re a photographer/politician/author/copywriter? You need to speak to my friend/colleague/partner.”

Once people know who you work with, it’s far easier for them to start talking about you. It was also much easier for us when we started emailing our network, who we wanted to start working with.

We sent out a series of emails, tweets, Facebook messages, phone calls and even some written letters, explaining exactly who we wanted to work with.

Many businesses might call this a niche target market, whatever you call it, it must be specific enough for other people to understand.

What would you deliver for $25000?

So earlier we talked about $25,000 been broken down into 12 $2100 payments.

One of the big pitfalls that funnel builders fall into, is first of all thinking about what they want to build and deliver, then thinking about what to charge.

This pricing method is ineffective and often unprofitable. Instead, flip that model on its head and think about what you would deliver for $25,000.

Would $25,000 include:

  • 5 page sales funnel system?
  • 3 page squeeze page system?
  • Email follow-up automation?
  • One on one coaching for a year?
  • Facebook remarketing campaign set up?

There is no right answer to this by the way. What you design and deliver the $25,000, could be totally specific to you and your market.

For example the particular markets that we go after, don’t really need squeeze funnels. But they do need sales funnels for each product.

So we deliver a 5 page sales funnel with sales letter, video sales page, product sales page, checkout page and upsell page. They get 5 of these per project, giving them a total of five individual products they can sell via their funnel.

Think about your $25,000 budget as what you can spend on outsourcing to. We’ve talked about hiring before in this post here.

Who needs $25000 worth of results?

When you start to think about who you want to work with, think to yourself who needs $25,000 worth of results?

Is that 25 $1000 sales? Or 1 $25,000 sale? Or 1000 $25 sales?

Hopefully you can begin to see how the customers pricing strategy, affects how you can help them.

An Internet coach who has an e-book and a small coaching program and course, might sell his products for around $1000. Can you help him generate 25 sales within a year?

I’m almost positive that you could.

If someone sells a $25 product, maybe a book for example, are you able to generate thousand sales for them? Probably, but I’d also look at how many email addresses they have in order to make those sales faster.

Think about the types of products that you are more comfortable selling for your customers. This will determine who needs $25,000 worth of results. And what they are looking to get for $25,000.

It also helps you think”Can they afford a $25,000 marketing funnel?”

Selling a $25,000 marketing funnel

Hopefully you can begin to see how selling a $25,000 marketing funnel, relies enormously on how clear you are with what you would do with $25,000, and who you would help. Rather than being about how skilful you think you are a marketing funnels.

Even if you’ve only started building funnels today, you could find a $25,000 client relatively shortly.

If you were to email every single person you know, family, friends, old work colleagues etc. And tell them WHO you work with, that is the fastest way for you to start generating referrals, and having conversations with potential customers.