Where do you want your marketing funnel business to go?

If you’re starting a journey, does it make sense to know where you want to go?

Many people see their marketing funnel business as a means to end. It’s just a method to pay the bills and maybe make a little money.

Being in the marketing funnel industry is no more profitable or easy than any other industry. So why aren’t you running an investment business? Or a talent agency? Or a vlog on YouTube?

Because something within you loves the idea of building funnels, helping businesses and creating opportunities for people.

We’re all funnel builders, because we want to build better solutions – to problems that others can’t or won’t fix.

What’s the idea behind even working on funnels for you? If you were knocking it out the park for every customer, completely smashing expectations on every project WHY would that make you feel good?

Take some time to think about that. If everything was going crazy well for your business and every project was a success, WHY would that make you feel good?

You like seeing others succeed? You love seeing new ideas come to life? You love seeing more people get help from your customers?

Why would THIS make you feel any better than some other business or job? What is it about growing an email list, or getting webinar signups that REALLY works for you?

This sounds very high level and even a little mushy, compared to our usual posts. But this question is all about VISION for your business.

I want you to imagine that every project was a success. Every customer was delighted with your results. Every funnel was a game changer to someone else’s life.

HOW does that make you feel? Excited? Happy? Powerful? Proud?

WHY does it make you feel like that? Why would you feel happy, positive or excited about helping someone else? That reason WHY is your vision for your funnel business.

I love the idea that everyone can experience financial freedom.

I love that small start ups can reach more people and employ more people.

I love that more disabled children can run around with their friends, because my customer has reached more families.

The reason you feel GREAT when a project goes well, is what you need to focus on. That’s what you should be working on. If you could help EVERYONE and get those results for people, what impact would that have on the world?

That’s your vision. I want to help everyone experience financial freedom.

Can you do that with funnels? Absolutely you can.

Without a clear understanding of WHY you’re doing anything, you’ll never grow. Your business will only ever just pay the bills. You’ll be lucky if you ever really make real money. You’ll certainly never make a serious impact.

What would you feel if every project was going well? Why would you feel that? What’s the reason behind your positive reaction?

Now, think about WHO benefits the MOST from that vision? Who do you want to work with more than anyone else?

Yes, you can absolutely help any business. I don’t doubt that.

But can you help ALL start ups? Do you WANT to help all start ups? Your values will determine the businesses that you feel obliged to help more than others.

Your vision determines your direction. The way your funnel business will grow. Your values help determine your vision.

Could you help freelance photographers more than authors? Could you help 3d printing companies that build prosthetic limbs, more than 3d printing companies that build Deadpool models? Be honest with yourself. The more true you are to your values, the more likely you are to really make an impact.

Focus on your vision and give a direction to your business. Your funnel business can help you grow your life to true freedom. But only if it has a clear direction and destination when you set off.

Also, it’s never too late to discover a vision for your business. Better now than never.